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Bookmark Groups

With EDCoPilot you can create your own Bookmark Groups and assign your bookmarks to them, using voice commands or via the UI.

The Bookmark Groups panel shows you a list of your groups and the number of bookmarks assigned in each.

A bookmark will by default appear in the -ALL- group, and also the -UNFILED- group until assigned to a specific group.

The -CURRENT ROUTE- group is also auto-populated when you plot a multi-jump route.

New UI - Bookmark Groups.JPG


The Bookmarks display shows

  • system name (or label if you have overridden the name to be displayed),

  • when last visited and how many times visited,

  • distance from current (or reference) location,

  • icons representing features present in that system

You can display a list of bookmarks by distance from current location, system name or when last visited

You can configure the bookmark panel buttons so a click on that button type can either

  • set course for that system (will switch to Elite window, open Galaxy Map and plot the course!)

  • pull up a sub-menu with commands you can issue for that system (eg. See stations, see bodies, plot a fleet carrier or neutron highway route, edit the bookmark, etc)

  • copy the system name to the Windows Clipboard

You can position verbally within the bookmark list, or use scroll icons on the panel

  • “All bookmarks from Charlie Oscar” will position list alphabetically on first page with system name >= CO*

  • "Go to 500 light years” will sort list by distance and display on first page with system >= 500 years awy

New UI - Bookmarks.JPG

Bookmark Filters

You can apply filters / additions to your current bookmarks view.

With additions, EDCoPilot will include other systems you have discovered via search or previously jumped through, even if not bookmarked.

Examples of filters are:

  • You can hide all bookmarks, or those systems visited / not visited in the last x days

  • You can add to your current view all local systems around you (“Show Local Systems”). This will retrieve a list of systems around you from the back-end server.

  • You can pull in systems matching search criteria – eg. Known material traders, previous mining locations, CNBs, HazRes areas, systems where you have stored ship etc etc.

Places Of Interest

The Places Of Interest panel (below left) gives you systems to visit, organised by categories.  Great if you want to see if there is anything of note nearby worth checking out, or you are just looking for something different to try.

Clicking on a Category will present a list of systems of potential interest (below right)

You can then set course or access system commands for any system listed by clicking the number or name of system, or using voice commands.

You can also set a Place Of Interest as “visited”, for which a check mark will appear in the System Features (see Epsilion Indi entry)

New UI - Places Of Interest.png
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