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EDCoPilot - Feature List

User Interface customisation

  • UI flexibility - run in whatever mode best suits your setup:

    • VR users - use an overlay application to fix the UI in your headset and fully control it using voice commands (requires Voice Attack). Blends well with other ED in-game panels.

    • Single monitor - hot key support to show / hide the UI with optional transparency.

    • Dual monitor - place on separate monitor and control using voice or mouse clicks. UI will autofocus back on ED after a button click.

    • Multi monitors - run multiple UI clients each displaying different EDCoPilot panels which will auto-update as you play

    • Android or iPad tablets - use SpaceDesk or similar app to create a virtual windows monitor and touch-control the UI

    • NEW - Additional Windows device - (touchscreen laptop or Surface Pro are ideal) - run the UI on a separate device from the core process and ED. No loss of game focus when used in this mode!. Ideal for using the Controls panels for Flight, Combat, SRV, OnFoot and Camera.

  • Wider screen = larger font, longer screen = more lines per page

  • Supports Transparency,  Always On Top and Show/Hide Title Bar features

  • NEW - Customise your UI colors to match your in-game HUD

EDCoPilot will tell you information and comments as you go about your session.

  • NEW (May 2023) By default, EDCoPilot now uses Microsoft Edge neural voices, which sound more natural and expressive than native Windows Text To Speech voices (but you can use the native Windows TTS voices, or commercial SAPI voices such as Cereproc if you wish).

  • Also supports Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure high quality voices (if you create an account with them). Cloud voices come with free usage limits before you are charged, but EDCoPilot keeps count and will tell you when you are close to your free usage limit.

  • Ability to mute, switch to all-business mode, or turn on Profanity Mode.

  • Supports Google Cloud Translation (requires you set up a Google account and enable the service) - can speak in French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian

  • NEW (April 2023) Now supports ElevenLabs voices (an account and plan is required with ElevenLabs).  With ElevenLabs you can create your own custom voice by training it with voice recording samples.

  • Option to apply a radio effect to the voice when you are not in your ship.

  • Option to apply and modify effects of a synthetic filter to the voice.

  • NEW (November 2023) Now supports DeepL translation. Able to translate main ship voice into Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.  Pair this with the free Edge voice of the same language and EDCoPilot will correctly pronounce the translated phrases!

EDCoPilot lets you maintain its external set of bookmarks, and builds system information as you play. No limits on number of bookmarks it can store.

  • Organise bookmarks into 1 or more (customisable) Bookmark Groups for easy filing

  • View bookmarks alphabetically, by distance from current location, or by last visited

  • Apply and combine filters to find systems with specific characteristics eg. Systems you have discovered, systems with interstellar factors, systems visited in the last week, etc.

  • Add and edit notes for each bookmark.

  • Access a sub-menu of commands you can issue for each system eg. Set course, show stations, show bodies, show system information, show previous activity in that system

  • Has predefined bookmarks and groups for useful stuff like Guardian sites , Engineers, Colonia Bridge

  • Option to auto-bookmark any system you set course for

EDCoPilot will open the Galaxy Map and plot the course to your requested system for you.

  • Select your destination from the Bookmarks panel. Either click the system name or use voice commands.

  • Using voice you can set course by name to the last 120 systems you have previously set as a destination, eg. “Set course for Sol”

  • Option to “partial plot” – opens Galaxy Map and positions to the system, to let you manually access it System Map and select a station / body within the system

  • NEW (April 2022) - Option to "Auto Jump" along your Neutron Highway route - will set course to the next waypoint once you supercharge your FSD in the current waypoint.

Location finder

Find commodities (buy or sell), material traders, tech brokers, module sellers, ship sellers, hotspots, surface mining locations, all with voice commands or via ui menus

  • Will present you with options, and a recommended location (usually the fastest location to get too – least jumps vs distance from star, favoring space stations if it can)

  • Set course via voice command or clicking on the results panel.

NEW December 2022 - Added voice commands to find closest / best locations for : Rescue Megaships, Sirius Megaships, Megaships, Vista Genomics, Universal Cartographics, Bartender, Redemption Office, Pioneer Supplies, Frontline Solutions

Route Plotting

EDCoPilot will call Spansh to retrieve routes for Road To Riches, Neutron Highway or Fleet Carriers

  • Routes are stored in their own automatically generated Bookmark Groups

  • Easily follow the generated route. Example “next carrier jump” would plot course to the next system in the Fleet Carrier route

NEW : Trade Route (added July 2022)

  • Set your trade search preferences on the new Trade Route panel

  • Press the "plot" button or say "Trade Route x hops" to retrieve a Trade Planner route from Spansh

  • Will tell you locations, commodities and amounts to buy and expected profits

  • Plot to the next system in the route by clicking the system name in the list, or saying "next trade hop"

  • When you arrive at the target system, EDCoPilot will remind you which station to head to.

  • When you dock at the target station and open the Commodity Market, EDCoPilot will check the "buy" instructions in your route against what is available in the market, and recommend a better buy list if one is available, or replacement goods to buy if the original set is no longer available.

Information Displays

  • “Voice Log” – show all the things the CoPilot has said to you

  • “Session Progress” – has switchable layouts for Combat, Mining, Surface Prospecting – shows tables of stats for your current session including kills per shiptype or faction, materials gathered, pilot previous encounters, prospector limpet readouts, mining quantities and market value

  • “Bookmark Groups” – switch current view to a specific group (subset of bookmarks)

  • “Bookmarks” – see systems in the assigned Bookmark Group, access command sub-menu or set course directly

  • “Location Search” – access the main search features for facilities, commodites, modules, ships, brokers etc

  • “Blueprints” - shows you materials lists for module blueprints, showing what you have vs what is needed

  • “System data” – shows faction information in current system plus any data recorded from previous visits (facilities of notes, ships docked in system, biologicals discovered etc), plus any self-maintained Notes. Can auto display when you jump into a system

  • “Body data” - will display body data when entering orbit of a body and tell you surface temperature and gravity

  • “Stations” - display a summary of all stations in the system and what facilities they have

  • “Mining Stats” - display a summary of all your previous mining sessions in a system and what their yield rates were

  • “Trading Table” - displays your current materials in the same table format as a material trader, so you can figure out trades in advance

  • “Station Facts” - - will show you station fact information when you approach a station that has a Galpedia entry in Inara

  • “Guidance Computer” – will - guide you to a set of target surface coordinates on a body. Either enter the coordinates manually, or select them from previous noted visits from System History, or defined in Places Of interest.

  • “Discovery Estimator” - estimates discovery earnings as you scan and map bodies

  • “Mission List” -displays all your missions and will remind you if a mission will expire in next 30 mins or needs to be handed in.

  • “Event Log” – browse back at activity highlights from current or previous sessions

  • “System History” – show all events logged in Event Log for the selected system

  • “Prospector Announcements” – show and set which materials you want the %ages read out for when a prospector scans an asteroid

  • “Places Of Interest” - has pre-defined places of interest to go visit, filed into categories. You can look for entries close by you, or it will tell you if you jump into a system that has 1 or more entries.

  • “Mining Prices” – display current best sale prices then drill down to search for best sell locations (either nearby, best in galaxy or a sensible blend of the 2)

  • “Bodies” – show a list of bodys in selected system, including Road To Riches values if in R2R route, plus number of landings on landable bodies. Drill down to see data on each body.

  • “Body Data” – show characteristcs of a selected body eg. Gravity, surface temp, material composition on surface

  • “Show My Ships” – see a list of all your ships and locations. Drill down to see statistics for each, or view module loadout (including modifications)

  • “Stored Modules” – see list of stored modules, sorted by module name or by location

  • “Ship Locker” – show contents of ship locker and backpack

  • “Suit Loadouts” – list your defined suit loadouts showing suit and assigned weapons

  • “Suits” – list all suits in your possession including modification info and which loadout it is assigned to

  • “Weapons” – list all Odyssey weapons including modification info and which loadout it is assigned to

  • “Messages” – predefine messages that you can send in game using voice commands or button clicks

  • “Permits” – show / toggle which permits you have. EDCoPilot will set them as you earn them, but you can override them (eg. if you are missing journals)

  • "Biologicals" (new March 2022) - lists all biological species found in game. Can drill down to see which variants you have found, and locations you have found them

  • “Command Reference”  (Revised March 2023)– access an onboard helper listing the main voice commands you can issue. Expand / collapse sections to see commands available.

  • NEW - "Faction Systems" (added April 2022) - runs checks on your faction's systems in the background and will report on influence and ranking in each one. Will create a bookmark group of the list of systems that need visiting to update information, if it is out of date.

  • NEW - "Trade Route" (added July 2022) - retrieves and displays a Trade Route (1 to 10 hops) from the Spansh Trade Planner, based on your Trade Route search parameters.

Controls panels

NEW - October 2022 : Controls panels with buttons for Flight, Combat, SRV, OnFoot and Camera

  • Buttons will display if keybinds are not mapped for their use

  • Highlighted buttons require HCS Voicepacks and Voice Attack : will trigger HCS voice commands eg. 'Request Docking' button, 'Target FSD' button

  • Voice Attack voice commands available for each button on the Controls panels


EDCoPilot builds statistics and gathers data as you play

  • maintains combat stats - totals by ship type for life, by each ship you have fought in. Counts kills per system and per faction. Will congratulate you on kill milestones.

  • keeps stats on system and station visits – number of times visited, last time there

  • keeps stats for each ship – when and where purchased, when last used, # jumps, distance travelled, discoveries made, kills

  • NEW (April 2022) - keeps count of terraformable body discoveries (session and lifetime) and lifetime ELW discoveries

  • Run the History Refresh function to process all your previous stored journal files (previous game sessions)


EDCoPilot keeps track of discoveries you make, so that you can easily find and revist locations later

  • Records :  System discovered, Body discovered, Body first mapped, Biologicals and Geologicals discovered, first footfalls*

  • Records surface coordinates of all landings, biological discoveries and first footfalls* on a body.  Coordinates can be reloaded into the Guidance Computer on a subsequent visit to guide you back to the exact location

  • Use Bookmark filters to show systems where discovery events have happened, from where you can pull up System History, body data, or set course back to that system.


 * - NOTE : first footfalls are not recorded in the game journal. Requires user to manually record the location using the "mark first foot fall" voice command


  • will tell you when jumping if scoopable/non scoopable stars coming up in route

  • when docked will remind you to buy limpets and add crew. You can set minimum # of limpets per ship or disable at the ship level. Ability to set “Nag Mode” on or off.

  • will announce status of other ships, and can even tell you where you have seen them before, how many times killed etc

  • will tell you if you just jumped into a system that has not been discovered previously

  • will tell you where the landing pad is when you request docking at a star port

  • will tell you last time you visited a system and number of visits

  • when you dock at-a station with a material trader, will tell you which materials you are getting full on, or which are empty

  • will warn you when you are being scanned by a pirate

  • will attempt to warn you if an interdiction message is received

  • will announce when your friends go online or offline in game, or join / drop from your wing

  • will comment  when it detects a wedding barge or a funeral ship

  • can read out messages sent in game from local, wing or squadron

  • can display and announce the results from prospector limpets

  • will tell you if you jump into a system that is a candidate for High Grade Emissions

  • when in a Road To Riches system - will tell you which bodies left to scan, and can auto plot to the next target system once you have scanned all  the lucrative bodies in current system

  • Biologicals announcements (NEW)

    • will announce your Biological scanning progress.

    • Will tell you minimum distance to move away from current colony to find next colony.

    • Will tell you when you have moved far enough away to scan next colony.

    • NEW - will warn you if you wander back into the perimeter of previously scanned colonies.

  • NEW (April 2022) - BGS 'tick" announcements

    • If you have Faction Systems Reporting enabled, will

      • Tell you when the last server tick was, on startup

      • Tell you if it detects the server tick whilst you are online

  • NEW (Aug 2022) - Will tell you if there are new Galnet entries since your last session

  • NEW (Apr 2023) - "Chit Chat" including user defined phrases - EDCoPilot will say a random phrase if it has been quiet for a user-configured amount of time.  Users can create their own custom file of phrases that can also be used. (See article here in Developers Log)

"Space Chatter" (using Cloud Voices)

NEW March 2023 : If you use Cloud voice services (see Voice Options section above), EDCoPilot can: 

  • Station Chatter - Optionally generate additional chatter around stations :  Hear pilots requesting docking with Control, or announcing departures.  Hear pilots tallking to each other. (Note, this is just additional background chatter to improve immersion, you wont "see" these pilots in game)

  • Optionally give voices to NPC and Local messages received in game,

  • Optionally give voices to Commanders' chat messages received in the system.

  • Multiple options are configurable including density of chatter, volume, ability to use multiple cloud provider services to increase variety of voices used.

Fleet Carrier Greetings - if you own a FC you will hear your FC Captain and Control tower hail you when you arrive, request docking, dock, disembark, launch and leave the No Fire Zone again.  Be treated with the proper respect!

GalNet Chatter - Optionally, when at or near a station, and Station Chatter is enabled, you will hear ships around you discussing the latest Galnet articles.

NEW: Crew Chatter - optionally generate chatter between a simulated crew of 5. Hear them discuss ship operations amongst themselves and with EDCoPilot.

NEW: Deep Space Chatter - optionally generate crew and (rarely) ship chatter related to deep space travel and exploration, when you are > 500 light years from Sol and Colonia

NEW (April 2023): Options to add your own Chatter entries, either by hand or using ChatGPT.


SRV Time Trials

NEW September 2023 : Race your SRV around custom made Time Trial courses!. Get your fastest time possible to compete with other racers on the EDCoPilot TIme Trial leaderboards!  We have a growing list of Time Trial tracks.

  • New "Minibar" can be positioned over your game window, to give you directions and distance to your race waypoints, plus a race timer.

  • Select a Time Trial from the list, and click the start icon. EDCoPilot will plot to the system where the race is held, then guide you to the body or station, and then finally to the start lcoation for the race

  • EDCoPilot will give you directions on where to go as you race.

  • On completion, your time is compared to any previous best you have for that course, and your best time is added to the global leaderboard for that event.

  • Users can create their own custom authored race tracks, test them themselves, then publish them for all users to compete in. (Instructions on how to do this will be published in the Developers Log section, or DM me on Discord and i will provide instructions)
  • Ability to convert tracks created in SRVTracker for editting and upload.

EDMC Overlay Integration

NEW December 2022 : If you have EDMC and its EDMC Overlay installed and running, EDCoPilot will optionally display information on the game overlay (non-VR only)

  • Landing pad directions when requesting docking at a starport

  • Guidance Computer bearing and distance to your target surface coordinates

Sound notifications

  • Will play a sound when you collect encoded materials

  • Will play an alert when you scan a ship that is a mission target

  • Will play an alert when your hull goes below 40% health

  • Will play an alert if it receives a pirate threat (sign of imminent interdiction or attack)

Music support

Either use the built-in event driven music player, or integrate with VMX 

Built in player :

  • automatically play your custom curated music based on events in game (when you start combat, exploration or docking)

  • display current music folder and pause/play or skip to selected track

  • NEW: Feb 2024 - you can now drop m3u files into your event folders, supporting relative or full path links to mp3s on your PC, to include in the EDCP playlist.

VMX integration:

  • display playlists and event mappings, display current playing tracks

Trigger your own sound samples

Drop samples into pre-allocated event folders and EDCoPilot will trigger them when the event occurs in game (eg, Requesting docking, docking granted, docking denied)

  • Will trigger events on a 1 in 3 chance. You can modity the probability individually for each event type by editting the config file

  • Ability to switch between sets of sample folders, so you could build a set for each theme you fancy (eg. Star Wars set, Star Trek set)

Screenshot features

  • Display screenshots when taken in-game

  • Show previous screenshots recorded in the System History or Event Logs

  • Option to automatically convert screenshots to jpg to save disk space, and to rename files to add system name and location.

  • NEW (March 2023) Option to specify a Discord web-hook url which will let you post the currently displayed screenshot to Disord with a simple voice command.

Keybinds back ups

EDCoPilot backs up your keybinds whenever you make a change to them.

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