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New "Chit Chat" feature with user customisation option!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The latest release provides a "Chit Chat" feature, which will have your CoPilot saying random phrases if it has been quiet for a user-configurable amount of time.

You are also able to populate a Custom file with your own phrases that it will randomly select from, so you can write your own personalised phrases, or use ChatGPT to generate you a whole batch.

New options in Settings:

Configuration is simple. Switch Chit Chat on and off, and then set the minimum interval between Chit Chat phrases (in minutes). If EDCoPilot has not said anything for this duration, it will say a random Chit Chat phrase.

Adding Custom phrases

1. Add a text file in the "User custom files" folder under your EDCoPilot folder, and name it EDCoPilot.ChitChat.Custom.txt

2. Simply add lines of text that you want it to say, and save the file. Each line will be a separate phrase that EDCoPilot may randomly select when triggering Chit Chat.

3. Restart EDCoPilot if it is still running, to reload the new phrases in the file.

Special tokens you can use in the file

You can use these tokens which will be substituted by EDCoPilot. Tokens start with the < symbol and end with the > symbol

  • <commander> or <Commander> will be replaced by a random term it uses to address you, based on what you have configured in options

  • <cmdrname> will be replaced with your commander name ... eg. "Hello <cmdrname>" would become "Hello Razzafrag" for my commander

  • <cmdraddress> - will use "sir" or "ma'm" or "Commander" based on the gender setting of your Commander.

  • <starsystem> will be replaced by the name of the current system

  • <stationname> will be replaced by the name of the current station you are near or docked at

  • <randomstarsystem> will be replaced by a random populated starsystem

  • <fuellevels> - the percentage value of your current fuel (number only)

  • <fcCaptain> - the name of your Fleet Carrier captain,

Note: if you have a phrase with one of these tokens, and it is randomly selected to be spoken, it will be skipped if the token value is not set. Example if you are not at a station and try to say "we are at <stationname>" then the action will be skipped, because stationname is not set.

Additional tokens to filter selected string based on status in the game

The following tokens added to your strings will influence whether a string is appropriate based on what you are doing in the game. These begin with a ( and end with a ) :

  • (not-station) - string will not be used if you are near or docked at a station

  • (not-planet) - string will not be used if you are on a planet

  • (not-deep-space) - string will not be used if you are out in space

Example usage:

The string "Commander we have an asteroid approaching. We should change course (not-station)(not-planet)" will not be selected if you are at a station or on a planet

Sample files

Here are links to some sample ChitChat phrases, courtesy of Commander Martin Requiem :

You can copy the strings you want to use into your own EDCoPilot.ChitChat.Custom.txt file, save it in your 'EDCoPilot / User custom files' folder, then restart EDCoPilot to include them in its list of phrases it may select from.

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Eridani Plays
Eridani Plays

Thank you for such a great app. Is there a list of text files that can be customized? Can I create a customized text file for neutron supercharge? EDCoPilot.SuperCharge.Custom.txt maybe?

Eridani Plays
Eridani Plays

Well, more like when you super charge your FSD from a Neutron Star or White Dwarf. Thank you for all your hard work.

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