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Automatic Course Plotting - troubleshooting

Updated: May 22

Having EDCoPilot plot your course for you is a cool feature, but new users occasionally have issues configuring it to work. Here's a few common issues and methods you can use to resolve the problem:

  • Key presses bound to the Galaxy Cam controls can sometimes stop it from working ..... user experience can look like it opens Galaxy Map, does a slight little "twist" of the map, then fails to plot. To fix this: delete all the key presses bound to camera controls in the Galaxy Map section of the controls in the game. Leave anything bound to sticks or joysticks. Then retry.

  • Avoid using letters or numbers for the UI up / down etc controls. Use a combo instead eg. Alt + W, Alt + Q etc. This will prevent the plotting from accidentally typing a letter into the Galaxy Map search field instead of moving the UI position!

  • Enable correct map views :

    • If in LIVE, make sure you have "Show Grid" enabled in the Galaxy Map->Display Options section.

    • If in LEGACY, make sure Galaxy Map view is "Realistic" (edited)

  • If the system name is not pasting into the search box, it could be that your Galaxy Map is taking too long to open. Adjust the setting "Additional Pause Setting After Opening Galaxy Map (Odyssey)" in the Settings -> Feature Settings panel

  • If you think keybind presses are not being recognized in game, consider changing the "Key Press Duration (seconds)" setting in Settings -> Feature Settings

  • Try setting the Plotting Debug Assistance option in Settings. EDCoPilot will slowly walk you through what it is doing, so you can see where it is going wrong.

Required Keybinds

Make sure you bind a keyboard key(s) press to each one of these in game, in addition to any controller or HOTAS mapping you have:

a) Under Ship Controls -> Mode Switches

  • Galaxy Map Open

b) Under General Controls -> Interface Mode

  • UI Panel Select

  • UI Panel Right

  • UI Panel Up

  • UI Back

  • Next Panel Tab

c) Under General Controls -> Galaxy Map

  • Galaxy Cam Zoom In

Still not working ? Contact me (links on the main page). Guaranteed we can get this to work. No Commander left unresolved on this

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