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NEW: Bookmark Notes and Search enhancements

June 23, 2023

There are some nice enhancements to Bookmarks with this latest release to help you find bookmarks and add / edit your own notes with ease:

  1. Ability to view and edit your Commander Notes for a Bookmark directly from this panel

  2. An additional bookmarks filter to show Bookmarks that have Commander Notes entries

  3. Ability to Search your known systems, Bookmarks, labels (alternative names for Bookmarks) and / or your Notes for any search string

New icons on the Bookmarks panel:

To enable these features there are 2 new icons on the Bookmark panel:

  • Information icon : The “information” icon will toggle on / off the Commanders Notes view

  • Search icon : Click this to set / clear your Bookmark search criteria

Viewing and editing Commander Notes from the Bookmarks panel

Toggle on the information icon (and it will light up) or use voice command “Show Commanders Notes” to expand the Bookmark display to show a preview (first 200 chars) of your Notes entries for each Bookmark :

  • While you are in this view, you can click on the notes to access an Edit popup panel directly from this panel.

Scrolling behavior changes when showing Notes

When you are displaying Notes, the scrolling behavior for the list of Bookmarks changes.

  1. Each “Page x of y” will now no longer fit within the window, and will need to be scrolled up / down by either:

    1. Using the Up/Down arrows at top of page

    2. Using your mouse to scroll within that logical “page”

    3. Using voice commands “next / scroll down / scroll up” – these will also automatically take you to next / previous page if you are at the top when you issue “scroll up” or at the bottom when you issue “scroll down”

New “Noted Bookmarks” filter

This filter gives you the ability to add / find all Bookmarks which have Commander Notes. Some Bookmarks are pre-populated with Notes already (for example: Engineer’s systems, systems with encoded material bases)

  • Click the Edit Filters button to access this menu and then check/uncheck the “Noted Bookmarks” option, OR use voice command “[show; hide] [notes; noted] [bookmarks; systems]” eg show noted systems

  • You can combine this with other filters to pull in all systems you are interested in. Example: To ONLY show bookmarks with notes, check the “Hide all bookmarks” and the “Noted Bookmarks” options.

Systems/Bookmarks text search

This search applies another filter to show all systems (those known to EDCoPilot), bookmark labels or Commander Notes containing your search string.

  • Click the search icon at top of panel to open a search text entry popup:

  • Enter your search string (case doesn’t matter) and select the fields you want it to search, then click the SEARCH button. Results will show in your Bookmark list (applied with your other active Filters)

Example result when I search for JAMESON:

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