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Changing badly pronounced words

Updated: Mar 24

Depending on the speech provider you are using (Edge, Google, Azure, Amazon, ElevenLabs or even just basic Windows TTS) you may find occasions where the speech engine is not pronouncing a word correctly.

To adjust this, you can edit the file : EDCoPilot \ User Custom Files \ Pronunciations.txt and add entries for words you would like to override / change, to force it to say a word using the phonetic version you provide.

  • Note : as of Mar 20, 2024 the location has now changed of the file. It was previously created at EDCoPilot \ working \ Pronounciations.txt if a user created one. I have modified EDCoPilot now to use the User Custom Files version, and to always generate a default file, making it easier for users to edit the pre-existing file. Any entries you had in a working folder version will have been added to the file in User Custom Files.

Just add a line for each string / word you want to override as follows:


EDCoPilot will match the original string, case sensitive and including any spaces, with the phrase it will use for generating the speech, and will replace with the newstring.

Example lines:


This will speak 4 as "four" - note the (space) should be an actual space


This should make the speech engine pronounce the "a" as "ay" and not "ah"

Advanced : multiple overrides

You can also provide alternate overrides of strings as well such as :

Thargoid=Thar-goid|murder flower

Note the | to denote an alternate override. With this line EDCoPilot will sometimes pronounce Thargoid as "Thar-goid", or sometimes as "murder flower" (EDCoPilot will randomly select from the options you give it)

You can have as many alternates on a line as you like, delimited by the | symbol. You can use this to add more variation to speech strings, such as how it announces the name of your wing-man, for example!

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