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NEW: Exo Mastery features

Updated: Feb 27

Exo Mastery Route

Create an Exo Mastery Route bookmark group using Spansh, based on your search settings.

  • EDCoPilot will filter the results based on your previous exo scan history (requires you run a History Refresh after the update is downloaded)

  • Additional filter for “minimum body scan value” which will filter out bodies where the sum of its significant samples < your set value  eg. “I am only interested in bodies where I can make 38 million by scanning samples of 7 million or more

New panel : Biologicals In System

  • Shows you which known species on which bodies, and their scan values.

  • HIST column shows whether you have ever scanned this species before

  • Totals by Remaining CR vs Scanned CR

  • Clicking a GC icon will set coordinates to closest known location of a sample

  • You now access the previous list of your Biologicals discoveries by species via the Notebook icon on the top right.

  • Will highlight a species where scan is in progress

  • Will add rows to the panel if you scan a previously unknown species for that body

Auto scanning new systems

  • Even if no Exo Mastery Route is set, EDCoPilot can Auto-scan a system for known biologicals when you jump into the system.

  • Will notify you of significant species or bodies based on your search settings, and automatically display the details on the Biologicals In System panel

  • Will tell you which body in system is the best to start with (highest payout)

Exo Mastery guidance options

  • When you get within OC of the body, will locate the closest significant sample in your list and set the Guidance Computer to guide you to it, if you wish.

  • New announcements based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd sample collected

  • Ability to set the GC to the closest coordinates of any known species on the body, by clicking on the GC icon on the Biologicals In System panel

  • When all significant species are scanned on the body

    • Will tell you which body to head over to next, or

    • If no bodies remaining, option to auto plot to the next system in your Exo Mastery Route

Other UI changes

  • New Exo Mastery Settings tab in the Settings menu, to set your search and display preferences.

  • Biologicals button now accesses the Biologicals In System panel and has moved to the Information tab. The order of the icons on the tab has been changed

  • System Commands sub panel – when you click on the # of a system in bookmarks, you can access the System Commands panel. Additional button added to this panel to create an Exo Mastery Route.

New Voice Commands

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John Marek
John Marek
13 de dez. de 2023

Thank you Sir, this gets. appreciate your continuing efforts, Cheers.

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