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Free to use, donate if you like it.....

I've been hanging on to the idea of getting a license to sell EDCoPilot for the longest time, but today I've let it go. The chances were looking increasingly unlikely, and who knows what level of oversight or interference that might bring. So today I took some good advice from other ED app developers, and decided to just go with the "free to use, donate if you like it" model. We'll see how it goes.

So EDCoPilot no longer needs you to be an authorised user in order to use it. You can download the install package from a link on the main page, fire it up, and enjoy.

With the website up, and me now being freed from spending time setting user auth records up, I can get back to finishing moving the last few panels to the new UI (ok and maybe dropping in a small new feature or 2 along the way). After that, I've got a list of ideas for new stuff I want to add to the app. I may share a few in subsequent posts.....

Stay tuned!

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