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New default TTS voices using Edge TTS

For all users who are not using Cloud voices, there is a new update that will apply new Edge Text To Speech voices which are of a higher quality than the Windows TTS voices. These voices will also let users enable the Station Chatter functions, including Fleet Carrier Greetings and Galnet Chatter.

Just start EDCoPilot to pick up the upgrade, and a new voice will greet you on restart after the download. I think you will love the quality.

Users can then turn on "Space Chatter" in the Space Chatter section in Settings, then turn on "Include Edge Voices" and enable the Fleet Carrier Greeting option, then go pay your carrier a visit. You will get personalised greetings when you approach and request docking at the carrier.

If you love the updates, tell your friends / squadron!

Happy flying Commanders!

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