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New features for Exobiologists!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

EDCoPilot's latest update brings some features handy for those of you wanting to go out there and sample those alien life forms.

See all species you have found

A new "Biologicals" section under the Activity tab will pull up a list of all the life forms found in Horizons and Odyssey, and highlight which ones you have found so far. Great for those that want to be completist!

You can drill down on each species to see each variant (colour) you have found, and then drill down again to see which system and body you found them on.

Use new voice command "Biologicals" to pull up this screen directly, or use the Biologicals icon on the Activity tab:

Announcements while sampling

- EDCoPilot will confirm when you add a new discovery to your Codex.

- When you partial sample a life form, EDCoPilot will tell you to move to find another colony. If the minimum distance required for the next colony is known, it will tell you.

- If the minimum distance for the next colony is known, EDCoPilot will tell you when you have moved far enough away from your previous sampled colony.

- NEW: If you move away from the colony/colonies you have previously scanned, but then wander back too close to their perimeter, EDCoPilot will warn you to move further away.

- When you have completed a sample (3 successive scans of separate colonies) EDCoPilot will congratulate you on completing the task.

Logging your achievements

EDCoPilot will make entries in its Event Log / System History showing where and when you found the sample.

It will also log the coordinates, should you ever desire to return to that exact spot or just want to share the location with a friend.

  • You can just click the icon on the System History to load the coordinates into the Guidance Computer (or you can use the voice command it references), which when on the surface will guide you back to those coordinates.

New Bookmarks filter to show all systems with biological discoveries

A new filter "Show discovered biologicals" has been added to the filters you can apply to find subsets of systems you have visited.

Combining the "Hide all bookmarks" filter with the "Show discovered biologicals" filter will give you a Bookmark list of only those systems where you found biologicals :

Resulting list: all systems where I have found biologicals

Discovery data included in System Notes

EDCoPilot will now show the biological species discovered on bodies in the system in its System Info ("Notes") display:

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