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New features in the last 30 days

I am continually adding and enhancing features in EDCoPilot. Here's the highlights of recent changes in the last 30 days:

Note: There's a #release-notes channel in the Discord server if you want to see items as they are published (join the server here).

Support for Google Cloud Translation - If you use Google Cloud Text To Speech as your EDCoPilot voice, you can now also link the Google Translate API to your Google Cloud project, and enable the option in EDCoPilot. This will translate and provide spoken phrases in either French, Spanish, German, Italian or Russian.

- There is also the ability to customize / override translation of phrases, or exclude words from being translated. All system name, body names, pilot names and station names are automatically excluded from being translated.

Enhancements for BGS players

- When you start up EDCoPilot, if you have the Faction Systems Reporting feature enabled (via Settings) it will tell you when the last server 'tick' occurred. It will also tell you if it detects the tick happening while you are online.

- EDCoPilot will now auto-populate and auto-maintain your Faction Systems bookmark group, by retrieving a list of all systems your faction has a presence in from the EliteBGS API (thanks guys!). If you expand into a new system, it will add the system to the group, and if you retreat it will remove the system from the group.

- The Faction Systems panel has now been enhanced to show Active and Pending states for Rival Factions. You can also toggle the Faction States column between Rivals Faction States and Our Faction States.

Neutron Highway auto-plotting - I've been doing a lot of Neutron Highway jumping recently, by following the route that EDCoPilot retrieves from Spansh and assembles as a route into your Neutron Highway bookmark group.

- You can now click the new "Auto Jump" button and EDCoPilot will automatically plot to the next Neutron "hop" in the route whenever you supercharge your FSD at the current "hop"'s neutron star. This is super convenient and so easy to just follow along the route without need to issue any other commands or do any course plotting yourself.

Enhanced System Info - when you pull up the System Info panel for a populated system that you are not currently in, it will now show Faction and Conflict data:

Enhanced Discovery Estimator - As you discover bodies in a system, the Discovery Estimator panel will show the new entries and its estimate of your estimates for your scanning and mapping of the bodies. Enhancements made:

- Last body and last body type scanned will now appear highlighted on the panel.

- Newly discovered Terraformable bodies will appear highlighted in blue, to remind you to Surface Scan them to earn lucrative credits.

- EDCoPilot will now keep count of the number of Terraformables discovered (current session and lifetime) and the lifetime number of ELWs discovered, and will congratulate you when you find a new one, or reach a milestone total.

Added new Bookmark Filter options - you can now select filters to show/include all systems where you have asteroid mined, and all systems where you have marked a first foot fall.

(Note for first foot fall: you have to use voice command "(mark) first foot (fall)" to mark the body when you receive the "First FootFall" confirmation on screen, as unfortunately FDEV dont document the occasion in their game journal. I will look at adding a button to do same for non-voice users soon.)

Hope you enjoy these new enhancements. O7 Commanders!

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