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NEW! Trading Features

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

EDCoPilot now has features to enhance your trading experience:

Trade Route panel

This new panel lets you tweak your trade search settings, then calls Spansh to create an optimum Trade Route.

To use it :

a) Dock at a starting station

b) Open the Trade Route panel in the Activity tab, or say "(Show) Trade Route)"

c) Amend your search settings as required

d) Click the Plot Route icon (below the Power button) or say "Trade Hop (1-10) hops"

e) A Trade Route will be retrieved and displayed

f) Buy the commodities recommended at your current station

g) Set course for the next system :

- Click on the system name to set course, or say "Next Trade Hop"

h) Leave the station and jump to the destination system

i) When you arrive, EDCoPilot will remind you which is your destination station to deliver your cargo

j) Fly to station and sell your commodities

k) repeat from step f) !

You can set a new Trade Route at any time you are docked, will overwrite any existing Trade Route. VoiceAttaack users can also clear the current route with the "Clear Trade Route" command.

Note: On the Trade Route panel you can also issue the usual voice commands for each system (stations <#>, bodies <#> etc) , or access the System Commands submenu by clicking the system number.

Trading Mode

Trading Mode will look up the best commodities to buy at your current station to take to your destination system

To use it :

a) When docked, open the Commodities panel in game, to access the latest buy prices at the current market.

b) Set course for your target system, or pull up a list of systems in Bookmarks and issue the command "Best Commodities <#>" where # corresponds to the system you want to check.

c) EDCoPilot will tell you if there are commodities worth taking to your destination, which station to take them to, and how much profit you can make.

Note: You can tweak the search criteria for these on the Trade Route panel

I will be making some further improvements to this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

O7 Commanders! Happy trading!

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