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New Update - Adds System Info panel, edit Bookmark Notes & assignment of Bookmark Groups

Version 1.0.32 is now live and adds the following features:

1. Adds System Info panel to Information Tab (see Image)

If the system is bookmarked, this screen also provides the ability to edit notes for that entry and to edit which Bookmark Groups that bookmark is associated with.

It will show details for your current system when you jump into it, including latest Faction status and Conflicts information (for BGS players). You can switch off the option to auto-display from Settings -> UI Settings -> UI Appearance -> "Auto-display system information on arrival"

In addition :

  • Added System Info sub-command to the System Commands menu you access from Bookmarks (for Setting Course, plotting routes, Bodies, Stations etc for a chosen system). Note: if not current system you will not get the Faction and Conflicts info, as could be out of date based on when the BGS "tick" happens.

  • Clicking the Information Tab will now automatically show you the last system info panel displayed, or display for the current system if none has been displayed.

  • Added ability to edit Commander Notes, from the System Info panel. Can make any notes you like for any bookmarked system.

  • Added ability to add / remove bookmark from any editable Bookmark Groups, via the System Info panel.

Other new features:

2. Added reminder for users if they do not run Refresh History after installation, for any new users after 8th Dec 2021

3. Enhanced the "Confirmed Commander" responses. You'll see!

4. Added a new switch in UI Settings -> "Auto-display body information on approach". Switch to OFF if you dont want the Body data displayed on approach.

5. CoPilot Volume control in Voice Settings now applies to Windows, Amazon and Google voices (depending on which one you are currently using).

6. Added Thargoid Interceptor icon to Bookmarks key icons if system is Thargoid controlled.

Fixes addressed this release:

a. Fix crash when trying to display Station Facts and you have started old UI minimized

b. Fix crash with Station Facts if there are characters retrieved not in the messging character set (they will get stripped out)

c. Fixed crash caused in System History if surface co-ordinates were split across multiple lines in the log.

d. Fixed crash when trying to check folder locations in Settings -> Feature Settings

e. Fixed issue with Amazon usage counts not showing on startup when Amazon count > 0.

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