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Recent updates focus on initial setup and stability

Greetings Commanders. It's been over a month since my last blog post, so thought I would update you on recent work.

December saw a large on-boarding of new users, especially during the Christmas break. With new users came some newly discovered bugs, so I have spent the last few weeks making EDCoPilot a much more stable experience, and catering for more quirks in a user's setup.

I've just published a new update and new installation package that will make it much easier for new users. Changes include:

- you can now install EDCoPilot in whatever folder location you want

- it does better checking for keybind folder locations and settings, and gives more user friendly directions

- it is less chatty when there are multiple warning messages. It will list the warnings on its Voice Log screen, then tell you there are setup tasks remaining as detailed on the screen (see screenshot below)

- the program launcher now starts up faster, and announces what it is doing - when it starts the main process, when the process is starting, and if it needs to update the executable after an update has been downloaded.

ps. I've also snuck in support for Microsoft Azure cloud voices, so you now have the choice of Amazon, Google or Azure for your voices ... or you can use all 3 and switch easily between them.

Happy flying, Commanders!

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