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Road To Riches - now enhanced!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The latest update brings some nice enhancements to Road To Riches.

To use the Road To Riches feature in EDCoPilot:

1. Set your route plotting options in the Settings -> Search Parameters panel.

2. Create your Road To Riches route

a. Select a destination system from your Bookmarks panel (this will be either where you want to end up, or how far out you want to loop back, depending on your R2R loop setting).

  • Either bring up the System Commands panel and click the Road To Riches button, or if you have Voice Attack say “Road To Riches <# of system on panel>”.

b. EDCoPilot will then retrieve a Road To Riches list from Spansh and build and display the Road To Riches bookmark group.

c. The Bookmarks panel will now show the outstanding map and scan value to be earned at each Road To Riches system, and number of lucrative bodies left to scan.

3. Set course for the next system in the Road To Riches list

a. Either click the system name on the Bookmarks panel being display, or if you have Voice Attack say “Bookmark <# of system on panel>”. EDCoPilot will then open the Galaxy Map in game and plot a course to that system.

4. Jump to the system.

a. A new option in settings will tell EDCoPilot to display the Bookmarks panel (either for your current route only, or for your current viewed bookmark group) whenever you start a jump.

5. When you arrive at the system, EDCoPilot will display the bodies in the system.

a. It will show the scan and map values of the bodies you should scan and map, and whether you have already scanned and mapped them.

b. EDCoPilot will also verbally tell you there are lucrative bodies left to be scanned and mapped, and tell you which body to head for.

6. Head for the body, and map it with the Surface Scanner.

7. When mapping of the body is complete:

a. If you have the new option for “Announce Next Body After Mapping” set in Settings, EDCoPilot will tell you the next body you need to head for in the system. If this is not set, Voice Attack users can issue command “Next Body” to get the same information.

8. Once all of the bodies identified as lucrative in the list are scanned and mapped :

a. EDCoPilot will tell you that you are all done in this system.

b. If you have the new option enabled in Settings for “Auto plot to next R2R system”, EDCoPilot will automatically set course for the next system in your Road To Riches route, else you can plot manually via the Bookmarks panel (button or voice command)

c. EDCoPilot will automatically skip any systems in the route where you have already scanned and mapped the lucrative bodies.

9. Rinse and repeat from step 4 until all systems in the list are complete, or until you decide to leave and go do something else!

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