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Running the EDCoPilot UI on a separate Windows device

Updated: 3 days ago

With the latest update to EDCoPilot, you can now run the UI on a separate Windows device.

A Surface Pro or a touchscreen Windows laptop become awesome touch interfaces to control the UI, and to access the Controls panels for Flight, Combat, SRV, OnFoot and Camera.

The UI will run on the Windows device and connects to the EDCoPilot process running on your game PC. You can then use the UI without ever taking focus off of your game window.

Control buttons are very responsive. All UI features work the same way as if the UI was running on the game PC.

To set up your 2nd device for the UI (note: Updated 22-01-16):

  1. Create a folder c:\EDCoPilot on your 2nd device (laptop or Surface Pro)

  2. Copy the following files from your EDCoPilot folder on your game PC to your 2nd device c:\EDCoPilot folder:

  3. EDCoPilotGUI2.exe

  4. edcopilotgui.ini

  5. EDCoPilot.ttf

  6. settings_custom.json

  7. settings_features.json

  8. settings_search.json

  9. settings_ui.json

  10. On the second device create a folder called working under c:\EDCoPilot and copy in the file from game PC EDCoPilot\working\settings_voice.json to 2nd device c:\EDCoPilot\working\settings_voice.json

  11. Obtain the internal network IP address of your game PC:

  12. On your game PC open a DOS prompt and type ipconfig /all

  13. Look for the ipv4 (preferred) address. It will usually start 192.168

  14. Edit the edcopilotgui.ini file on your 2nd device.

  15. Look for the line "serverprocessip ="

  16. Change the to the IP address you obtained in step 4, and save the file

  17. Start EDCoPilot on your main PC, and make sure you have a game session open (else EDCoPilot will wait for you to open a session, and the UI will appear to be frozen)

  18. On your 2nd device, double click the EDCoPilotGUI2.exe to start the UI. It should connect to the EDCoPilot process on your game PC, and you are good to go!

(Photo courtesy of Cmdr Maketaurie Guaiaba, with thanks)

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