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UI replacement completed! + Some music and sound enhancements.

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The latest version completes the rewrite / port of all panels from the old UI to the new. So now when you start EDCoPilot you will now only see the new UI.

This update also brings some great enhancements for sound and music:

- Music displays : The new update includes new panels to support EDCoPilot's event driven music feature. You can set up song folders for Combat, Exploration and Docking and drop your mp3s or wav files into them, which EDCoPilot will play based on what you are doing in the game. You can go to the Music panel (on the Management tab) to see the files in the playlist, pause/unpause music, or even click on the track names to jump to that track.

- VMX displays: If you were a customer of the sorely missed VMX from Dark Nebula, then you can configure EDCoPilot / VMX integration. When you issue VMX commands to list events, they will now display on EDCoPilot's music panel :

When you play a user playlist, you will see the list displayed and can click the tracks to jump to them, or pause/unpause the music:

- Add your own sound samples!: When EDCoPilot detects certain game events, it will now randomly look to see if you have a sample in a folder for that event, and if so will play it with a 1/3 probability (you can edit the probabilities in the EDCoPilot.ini file - look for TriggerProbability: keywords - when EDCoPilot isnt running). EDCoPilot will create a list of folders under its /Sounds/User samples subfolders, so you can see what events can trigger samples. Just drop your samples into whichever event subfolder you want. You can also change the location of the User Samples folder, allowing you to create multiple sample sets, so for example you could create a set with all Star Wars sound samples, and another with Star Trek, and switch between them quite easily.

Here's the current folder structure showing the events that will trigger:

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