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Update 1.0.17 Adds Google Cloud Text To Speech!

1. New feature: option to use Google Cloud Text To Speech - voices sound much more natural than using Windows TTS

- You need to create a Google Cloud account and project for this to work. See instructions in document "Using Google Cloud Text To Speech with EDCoPilot.pdf" in docs folder for instructions.

- Google Cloud lets you send 1 million characters of text per month for free, but after that will charge you $16/million. Note: You need to give them billing info (card number) even if you never get a charge. You are solely responsible for any usage fees you incur.

- EDCoPilot counts the number of characters sent, and will warn you when you reach 500 thousand, 750 thousand and 950 thousand. The current usage is also reported every time you start EDCoPilot, if not 0. You can switch on/off EDCoPilot's use of the service via the EDCoPilot Settings panel, until your next billing cycle, and reset the character counter when you resume usage.

- New options in the Settings panel under Voice Settings to select and refine the voice you are using, plus turn on/off the service, and reset the character used count.

- Note: you will not be able to use the built in Music player functions if Google Text To Speech is being used, as they use the same mp3 player for the task. Music will be disabled when you switch to using Google Text To Speech.

2. New UI : new feature - Refocus on Elite when any button clicked

- New option in Settings under UI Settings ... if on, whenever you click a button on the panel, will refocus back to the game. Handy if you are using Desktop+ in VR, which lets you click on buttons in the floating panel using your VR controllers!

3. Fixes for user reported issues

- Changes to the Windows speech engine handling. Couple of users were experiencing internal errors or even engine "hanging". Hopefully this will fix, else will give me more information on the issue.

- Voices should now say "G" instead of "grammes" when announcing a planetary body gravity on approach

- Correctly announce promotions in Exobiologist and Mercenary ranks. Announce Elite 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 level promotions for Combat, Trade and Exploration.

- Fix crash if you kill someone on foot while wearing your flight suit

- Fix crash when using back arrow after viewing Places Of Interest detail page

- Rebuild the list of factions who are mission targets, on startup

- Fix error with VAP warnings not working correctly. EDCoPilot will warn you if you have not loaded the most current version of the Voice Attack Profile file. Note: Non Voice Attack users can disable the warning message with a new option on the Settings->Announcement Settings screen

- Fix handling when large number of messages are queuing ready to be announced.

- On startup, kill any still-existing "new UI" process that may still be running from last execution of EDCoPilot, before starting a new instance.

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