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Using the new Multi-Panel feature

v1.1.3 has just been released, which includes enhancements to multi panel (the ability to run more than one UI instance at the same time), and adds new Controls panels that allow you to trigger in-game controls for Ship (Flight and Combat), SRV, On Foot and for Camera

This release has been made with the sim pit / cockpit enthusiast in mind. Using a program like SpaceDesk or similar will allow you to add tablets or touchscreen devices as virtual Windows monitors, onto which you can position your EDCoPilot UI instance(s). You can combine multi-panel with the new Controls panels to give you touchscreen controls on your touchscreen device!


The new Multi-panel feature lets you display multiple EDCoPilot UI instances at the same time. Each instance will be updated in real-time while you are playing. For example, you could have System Info displayed on one screen while you have your Session Progress on another.

Using Multi-Panel without Voice Attack

  • To set number of instances : Go to Settings : UI Settings and set "Number of UI instances to start" to how many you want automatically started. Then restart EDCoPilot.

  • To save position, size and default panel of your open panels : Set the panels position and size to your preference, and pull up the panel you want to be displayed when EDCoPilot starts. Then on Settings : UI Settings toggle the "Save default UI position and size" button.

Using Multi-Panel with Voice Attack

Voice Attack users get more options and commands for controlling multi-panel:

  • Set the number of UI instances to be started manually by default on the Settings : UI Settings panel as per the non-Voice method (I will add a voice command for this also, soon)

  • Use command "Launch new GUI" (or alternatives as per the Command Reference document in the docs folder) to start a new UI instance

  • Position the UI instance(s) and issue command "Save layout 1" to save the size, positions and current panel displayed as defaults to be used the next time EDCoPilot starts. (Save-slot 1 is the default that will be used on restart)

  • You can also save alternate positions, sizes and displayed panels using the command "Save layout (2 to 10)", and immediately reposition to these configurations using "Load layout (1 to 10)". Use "Delete layout (1 to 10)" to remove saved data from a saved-slot.

  • By default, the first UI instance started is the instance that will respond to voice commands (aka the "active panel"). You can direct voice commands to a second, third etc panel by issuing the command "panel (1 to 10)" and then issuing voice commands as normal. The designated panel will remain the active panel until you change it again, for the remainder of the session.

  • Voice command "restart the interface" will restart the UI instance(s)

Panel size and position on startup

EDCoPilot will size and position your multiple displays on startup based on the following rules:

  • If a Layout 1 save slot exists, it will use the sizes, position and default screens from that save slot.

  • If no Layout 1 save slot exists, it will look to see the previous position and sizes when EDCoPilot was last closed down, and use those.

  • If neither the Layout 1 save slot nor previous position has been saved, it will default to the top left hand side of your primary monitor (coordinates 40,40)

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