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Video clip : Fleet Carrier owners finally get some respect!

Updated: Mar 24

Building on the Space Chatter feature, owners of a Fleet Carrier will hear their FC Captain and Control station greet them when they arrive at their carrier, request docking, land, disembark, launch, and leave the No Fire Zone again.

Finally you get treated as if you own the place. As you do!

You will need to have use Edge voices or set up one of the Cloud Text To Speech services (Google, Amazon or Microsoft Azure) to use this feature. See previous posts on these services and the free monthly quotas. Note Azure also has a free 12 month option.

  • I plan to publish some revised set-up guides for Azure and Amazon in the next couple of days. Watch for an article in the blog.

The video is courtesy of Cmdr Aloysius Black. You might hear him mentioned a few times in the video by his crew!

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