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Visual changes and Update 9 support

It's been a busy few days! Hot on the heels of the System Data screen update, we got Odyssey Update 9 which added the SRV Scorpion, plus multi-limpet controllers for both Odyssey and Horizons players.

I've spent the past few days making changes to support those new features. You can now search for the multi-limpet controllers via Places -> Location Search -> Ship Outfitting. I will add the associated Voice Attack commands early next week.

I also had to make some changes so that EDCoPilot recognized the Scorpion, for when you are switching in and out of it. I havent put a search in for Military installations where you can buy them, may look at that later.

I've also enhanced the Ship Locker contents display. Items are grouped by Consumables, Items, Components and Data, and each group is collapsible / expandible now. Should make navigate easier, plus you can see how many of each type you now have so you dont run out of space.

The other big change this week is the icons on the panels. I've added in the names of the panels to the icons, to make navigation easier. I had lots of requests for this. See the screen shot below to see what I mean. This was more work than it should have been!

Have fun out there!

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